Popcorn nutrition

Nutritionally, air-popcorn made without oil or salt, is the best choice. Air-popped popcorn is virtually oil free: one cup provides only 30 calories and 0.4 g of fat.

Otherwise, make the popcorn with a popper which calls for only teaspoon of oil and make that oil of heart-healthy polyunsaturated or monounsaturated oil such as canola or safflower. One cup salted and with butter, provides 154 calories and 14 g of fat.

People who ate popcorn had a significantly higher total whole grain intake than non-popcorn eaters.

Popcorn contains high levels of complex carbohydrate and provides six times the amount of fiber as an equivalent amount of broccoli. The nutrient content of popcorn may be quite variable due to potential differences in varieties, soil types, growing conditions and the amount of weed seeds and foreign material in cull popcorn.

It has high proportion of hard starch which on heating, expands rapidly, resulting in an explosive rupture of the epidermis and starch granules.

Movie theater popcorn is often buttered in addition to being cooked in shortening which is saturated fat.
Popcorn nutrition 

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