Characteristics of good nutritional status

Nutritional status is the state of human body as a result of the foods consumed and their use by the body. Nutritional status can be good, fair or poor. 

Good nutritional status refers to the intake of well-balanced diet, which supplies all the essential nutrients to meet the body’s requirements. Such a person may be said to be received optimum nutrition.

The characteristics of good nutritional status are an alert, good natured personality, with normal weight for height, well developed and firm muscles, reddish pink color of eyelids and membranes of mouth, good layer of subcutaneous fat, good appetite and excellent general health. Shiny hairs, smooth skin, clear eyes, and alert expression and firm flesh on well developed structure also reflect good nutritional status.

General good health is evident by stamina for work, regular meal times, sound regular sleep, normal elimination and resistance to disease.

A person with poor nutritional status cannot work as hard; low productivity means low income, and so a personals ability to make a living and obtain food for the family is less than it would be with good nutritional status.
Characteristics of good nutritional status
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