Vitamin content in apple juice

Apple fruit juices are commonly consumed for their refreshing attribute, nutritive values. Fruit juice contain several important therapeutic properties that may reduce the risk of various diseases and health benefits.

Apple juices rich with vitamin A and vitamin C. A high percentage of the vitamin A in apples is concentrated in their skins. Therefore, the apple juice with highest vitamin A content will be the apple juice from unpeeled, organically grown apples that are juiced with their skin on.

Vitamin A helps ward off colds and other infections and promotes growth. It also keeps the eyes in good condition, and prevents night blindness.
The fresh apple juice is very rich sources of vitamin C, but canned juice normally contains very high amount of ascorbic acid as compared to fresh juice.

The vitamin C content of fresh juice from both peeled and unpeeled apples helps prevent colds flu, and intestinal infections. Vitamin C also act as a body normalizer and is essential in keeping bones and teeth sound.

Vitamin C is necessary for the body to form collagen, cartilage, muscle, and blood vessels, and aids in the absorption of iron.

Other than that apple juice also contributes some vitamin K. It is very necessary for the body to promote blood clotting.
Vitamin content in apple juice

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