Palmitic acid

Fatty acids are carbon chains with a methyl group at one end of the molecule (designated omega, ω) and a carboxyl group at the other end.

The most common saturated fatty acid in animals, plants and microorganisms is palmitic acid (16:0). Palmitic acid is a common constituent of fat and coconut oil. Palmitic acid also been found in apple, beer, preferment of bread, celery, roasted cocoa bean, country cure ham, essential oil of lemon, heated milk, essential oil of sweet orange, potato, black tea and tomato.

Palmitic and related fatty acid are classified as saturated because their carbon atom building blocks are fully occupied by hydrogen.

High consumption of saturated fats, especially those containing large amounts of palmitic acid, correlates with elevated serum cholesterol and increased risk of cardiovascular disease among American man. Many studies indicated that compared with carbohydrates, palmitic acid raises serum total and LDL cholesterol levels but less an effect on HDL cholesterol. However, a few studies indicated that palmitic acid might not raise total and LDL cholesterol concentration compared with carbohydrates.
Palmitic acid

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